CHOPPED!! w/Chef Sevan Abdessian

by Corry L. on 12/8/2012 9:08:08 AM MST

Local Chef Sevan Abdessian has been chosen to appear and compete on Food Network's CHOPPED. To prep for the NYC competition he has been hosting CHOPPED nites at his restaurant on Thursday nites. Complete with secret ingredients and clock count down it was something I could not miss. We began with the unveiling of ingredients for the appetizer: Persian cucumbers, canned Dungeness crab, jarred Armenian pickles & tangerines. Start the clock! I was allowed to catch Chef in action as he created a lovely crab salad for our first course. The sweet crab was counter balanced with a bit of soy and Sriracha for some heat. The fresh cucs with the Armenian pickles was a great contrast and the freshness of tangerine supremes was perfect. I could have used a pinch of salt but overall it was a solid start. On to the entree, the ingredients are: Swiss chard, crushed red pepper, chicken breast & linguini. Start the clock! Chef went the Asian route creating a sweet and spicy chicken and chard noodle dish. The chicken was prepared in classic Chinese style with a light coating and fork tender. The Swiss chard leaves and stems were wonderful, adding the right amount of texture and crunch. We did find a bit of inconsistency in plating, some had more chicken than others and while mine was heavy on the sweetness others were perfectly balanced with the savory, sweet and heat. The micro celery was a perfect edible garnish bringing a freshness to the plate. Moving to our final course we see the basket contains: granola, Fiber One bars, heavy cream, fresh cranberries and white peach puree. Start the clock! Dessert came in the form of a parfait. Though a bit messy to handle it was tasty. My favorite part was the cranberries, their natural tartness was great against the sweetness of the chocolate. Fresh mint rounded things out nicely. All in all a fun time and some good food. Good luck Chef!