Chili Peppers

Anaheim, Green Mild fresh chile
Carolina Reaper
Cayenne PepperFresh and hot!
CubanelleSweet pepper
Fresno, RedFresh medium heat chile. Generally available late spring through early fall.
Ghost Chili, FreshSmall but packing a punch
Habanero, Chocolate
HabaneroHabanero, OrangeAvailable most of the year from the USA, Carribbean and/or Mexico.
Hatch ChiliSo awesome there's a festival in their honor!
Holland Hots, GreenLong and slender
Holland Hots, OrangeLong and slender
Holland Hots, RedLong and slender
Holland Hots, YellowLong and slender
Italian Peppergreat for frying!
JalapenoJalapenoFresh hot chile
Padron PepperAddicting!
PasillaPasillaMedium heat chile
Scotch BonnetChile pepper, similar to Habanero.
SerranoSerranoGenerally available from the USA and Mexico.
ShishitoSmall, green, wrinkly elongated pepper. Not hot.
Thai ChiliThai Chili GreenGenerally available most of the year from the USA and Mexico.
Thai Chili RedGenerally available most of the year from the USA and Mexico
Trinidad ScorpionHoly hot stuff!
Yellow Hot ChiliGenerally available year-round from the USA and Mexico.