While the Beach Boys were peeling-out and creating great hits in the 1960’s, California Specialty Farms started peeling-out the California carrot in 1993 and the “Good Vibrations” of this culinary classic are still being enjoyed today! Yes, imitation may be the greatest form of flattery-but accept no substitutions when needing the freshest and finest peeled baby carrots.

From day one we understood the importance of food safety. Controlling not only the environment in which our carrots are processed, but also the environment in which they’re grown. Our California carrots are grown in the USA in GAP certified fields, processed in our Scientific Certification Systems certified facility in Los Angeles and rushed to your door faster than a “Little Deuce Coupe”!

We’re proud to say “Don’t Worry Baby” when it comes to enjoying our California carrots cooked or raw as a crudités, because “God Only Knows” where the competition grows, peels and packs their carrots?

Don’t put your business at risk by using cheap imitations that profess to have all the components of our California Carrots-they don’t. So the real question is, “Do You Wanna Dance?”