You can make your own achiote paste, but it’s a rather involved process!  We make it easy with our 14 oz. bricks that are ready-to-use.

Achiote Powder has an earthy, slightly bitter taste, and enhances beef, pork and chicken dishes. It’s a wonderful seasoning to use in moles, stews, rices and tamales.

Create authentic Mayan flavor with this combination of annatto seeds and other spices. Simply rub the paste onto the meat, wrap in banana leaves (or a wrap of your choice) then slow-cook until done. Fantastic!

Achiote Powder, ground annato seed, is an important ingredient in Conchinita Pibil – a traditional slow-roasted, banana leaf-wrapped pork dish.  Try this Mexican/Yucatan dish at your next dinner party for the presentation is truly unique, and the flavor is to-die-for.

  • This annatto seed paste is used primarily to marinate and season pork, beef and chicken.