Approximately 5-6 carrots per bunch, and 24 bunches per case, that equates to between 120 and 144 carrots per case. French carrots are the more conventional-looking baby carrots that are wide at the top, and taper off into pencil-lead thin, bottoms. Our French carrots specifications are: 4-5 inches in length, and .50” to .75” of an inch in diameter. Shipped with frilly-green tops attached, that may be used in soup and stew stocks, or as a centerpiece, if you’re too cheap to buy flowers. As with the baby beets and baby turnips, their skins are thin, so peeling is at your discretion. Steam, sauté, bake, broil, as you would conventional carrots, but for far less time. Best stored between 32-34 degrees F, they may be covered with paper and top iced if need be, but do not allow their tops to sit in standing water, as they will rot rapidly. Carrots produce no ethylene gas but they are sensitive to it. Cover, or store away from ethylene gas producing items, and those that are odoriferous.