Averaging 13-15 baby stalks per pound, with an average length of 6” to 7” each, the inner cob is generally about half the length of the stalk. Neat, petite, tender, and sweet: stalks are easily opened revealing the young cob within. Enjoy raw, marinated (don’t overdo it like the jarred stuff, okay?), or simply slit open, slather with butter or olive oil, grill until warm and serve with other baby vegetables. When serving baby corn or other baby vegetables; it’s not very hard to look like a freakin’ culinary genius.  Best kept cold, between 34-36 degrees F, and dry. Do not allow moisture to collect and stay upon the stalks, or in the silk of the ears, in particular, as they will begin to deteriorate and mold quickly. Baby corn doesn’t give or take ethylene gas, so: let it breathe. 100ct case