Generally available all year from the USA and Mexico. Averaging 5-6 baby beets per bunch, and available in both 12 count or 24 count bunch cases, these thin-skinned, tender turnip are a welcome treat to turnip lovers and novices, alike. You needn’t peel them before using, however, when peeled they are a gorgeous snow white color that works beautifully with baby carrots, baby beets, baby cauliflower, baby corn, and so much more. Delightfully sweet, baby turnips are a welcome addition to fall and winter menus, wherever your kitchen may be. Their tops may be used as well: steamed and served with other greens, chopped into your favorite soups and stews, or served with some exciting vegetables like white asparagus, or use to fill baby round eggplant. Best kept cold between 32-34 degrees F, and you may cover with paper and top ice if held for extended periods of time. They are not ethylene gas producing or sensitive, with the exception of their tops: they are, and they will yellow when exposed. They arrive bunched together, generally via a rubber band. It is advised that you cut these off upon arrival, as the tops breakdown more rapidly when bunched together tightly.

  • Generally available all year from the USA and Mexico.