Also known as Broad bean, Horse bean, English or Windsor bean. Most product originates in the USA and Mexico. They must first be split open to reveal the beans within, which are edible: the outer skin is not. Shape and texture similar to that of a lima beans, but not as pasty or starchy. Approximately 45-55 beans per pound (shelled). Small beans may be eaten raw. Larger beans should be cooked thoroughly. Wonderful as a side dish, or add to soups, stews, or any dish where beans are appropriate. Serve with a nice Chianti. The outer shell and inner beans can vary in color from dark to light green, or light brown to purple. The condition of the outer shell is not always indicative of the quality of the beans within, so be sure to open a few pods and sample the beans for crispness and any signs of decay. Store between 40-45 degrees F, and keep dry.

  • 28lb