Available most of the year from the USA, Caribbean, and Mexico, this chili is widely known to be the hottest one of the hottest. Approximately 40-45 pieces per pound, the color generally in stock is orange. However, depending upon the time of year, we may have red, yellow, green, and various stages in between. Yes, habaneros are hot, but depending upon the growing conditions and soil, you may encounter a serrano or jalapeno that is equally hot, if not hotter than a habanero. However, nothing quite compares to the fruity, fresh, and fiery-sweet flavor this chili imparts, whether used in salsas, sauces, or fresh—it’s unmistakable flavor says: Hello! Chili peppers do not produce ethylene gas, but they are susceptible to it, so bear this in mind when storing. They are best held between 45-50 degrees F, and kept dry. 10lb case