Also known (and more correctly) as the Poblano, it is widely misnamed the Pasilla in southern California and Arizona, from where most fresh chilies ship. Not to be confused with the true Pasilla chile that is longer, much thinner and usually a deep-green to purple in color. This thick-walled chile is the very best for roasting and stuffing. It can range from medium to hot on the heat scale, depending upon soil and growing conditions. It its dry form, it is also known as the ancho or mulatto chile. Most often cooked, it is superb in the making of moles, roasted chile strips and a host of sauces. The red pasilla chile is available sporadically, generally in the spring and fall seasons, and may be available upon request. Store between 45-55 degrees F, and keep away from ethylene gas producing items. Fresh chilies do not produce ethylene gas. 10lb case