This radish is a cross between a turnip and radish, it averages 3-4 pieces per pound. It has a tough, black, outer skin that should first be removed, unless the radish is very young and thus, a much thinner and edible skin. However, finding such specimens is rare, so we’re left with the “seasoned” radishes, if you will. Wash and peel them, and use as you would turnips or radishes: serve fresh, boiled, baked, stir-fried, or any number of combinations. It is a wonderful root that has been enjoyed in the Asian community for centuries, and deserves a greater place of prominence in the culinary scene in America. Best kept cold, between 32-34 degrees F, and stored in a ventilated, plastic bag. They are not sensitive to, nor do they produce ethylene gas, so you can put them anywhere in your cooler. You may mist them with your squirt gun or top ice them occasionally to preserve freshness. 10lb case