We’ve included a number of tomatoes in this category, including some whose names are trademarked by their manufacturers. They are as follows: Desert Glory (cherry) tomatoes that average 35-40 tomatoes per pound. These are sold under the name Desert Glory, and they look like a cherry tomato, and they are consistently sweet and delicious. There is also the Sugar Plum, that is an organic tomato from Mexico, that is very similar to a cherry tomato, although smaller, and averages between 40-50 pieces per pound. They are also consistently sweet and delicious. The Sweet 100 is a trademarked name, most often organic, and these small, marble-size tomatoes average 50-60 pieces per pound. They too, are very sweet and delicious. Lastly is the Mixed Medley which is also a trademarked name of organic tomatoes, that is a combination of small tomatoes (some of the above are included), often times in a variety of colors: red, orange, and yellow, and they are consistently sweet, juicy, and delicious!  Why not try the following tomato salad idea from David Paul’s restaurant in Lahaina (on the island of Maui), HI. David offers what is called a “toy box” tomato salad, consisting of a variety of small, great-tasting tomatoes served in a chilled martini glass, a light dressing, and garnished with fresh basil. It’s charming, delicious, and commands a very nice price. Your customers and/or guests won’t mind paying plenty for authentic tomato flavor, served in an unconventional style, with such a “fitting” name. It’s a winner, so take a tip and “copy” it!