Averaging between 35-40 pieces per pound, their unique shape is cause for their two most common names: teardrop or pear tomato. Pardon my French, but Poire-Joli, is also a name they are referred to here, in America, with the pronunciation of: pare-sho-lay. Now, don’t you feel much smarter? One of the best tasting tomatoes available, their unique shape, size, and juicy-sweet flavor make them a “sure hit” wherever fresh tomato flavor is desired. All tomatoes are best never having been refrigerated. Ethylene gas does ripen tomatoes, and although they themselves do not produce much ethylene gas until they are mature or ripe, you may wish to cover them and keep them away from other ethylene producing and odoriferous foods until ready to use. You may, as a last resort, put ripe tomatoes under refrigeration to impede further deterioration, but if stored below 50 degrees F, they will easily chill and become virtually inedible. Tomatoes are best kept between 55-60 degrees F.