Available all year from the USA. Also known as the Portabella, its simply a matter of grower preference as to what it’s called. Best kept cold and dry, preferable 32-34 degrees F. Premium Portobellos (5” to 6” in diameter) average between 3-4 pieces per pound, Standard Portobellos (4”to 6” in diameter), averaging between 4-5 pieces per pound, and Baby Portobellos (3” to 4” in diameter) average between 5-7 pieces per pound. Keep covered and away from odoriferous foods like onions, garlic and the like. Available in a wide array of sizes, either those with a specific cap size, or “standard” cases that have a variety of large capped specimens at a competitive price. Simply the larger version of the Crimini mushroom, they are prized by vegetarians for their meat-like texture and filet-mignon flavor. Truly the most popular cultivated “specialty” mushroom of the past quarter century, they are wonderful grilled, sliced and baked, or stuffed and baked. Now making their way into mainstream restaurants across the USA, their appeal for high-end restaurants may become passé. Mainstream, yes: but no less delicious. Store mushrooms between 32-34 degrees F, in a well-ventilated box with a paper or cardboard cover, and keep dry. Mushrooms neither produce, nor are affected by ethylene gas. Store away from odoriferous foods.