Prices rise and supplies get somewhat tight during late spring into early summer, but this is a temporary situation. The entire stalk is usable, but the real prize is the tender and moist bulb, which is found at the bottom of the stalk. When the outer leaves are peeled off, inside awaits a light green to white inner layer of leaves that are succulent and radiating with lemon flavor and scent. These tender leaves are best sliced thinly and used to flavor sauces, teas, marinades, stir-fry dishes, and so much more. The outer leaves may be used over hot coals to season fish and fowl, or allowed to simmer for hours in soups and stews. Keep stalks cool, between 40-45 degrees F, and dry. Outer leaves should be kept on to protect the inner leaves from drying out more rapidly. Quality lemon grass: will keep for weeks.

  • 1 l bag / 40lb bulk