Covered, to prevent it from turning green, white asparagus is commonplace in Europe, and coveted in the States. And, interestingly enough, green asparagus is all the rage in Europe. What a world! White asparagus from South America is closer to standard size green asparagus (approximately 12-15 pieces per pound), as we know and love it in the States, and, white asparagus from Europe is generally much thicker than the “standard” size. Thicker “grass” (another name for asparagus) is generally best peeled, like a carrot, to remove the somewhat chewy and fibrous outer skin. Best stored between 32-34 degrees F, sprinkle with water if too dry, and it is best stood upright in about an inch of water. Change the “standing” water at least daily, to prevent something “gross” from occurring!

  • 11lb case