Generally available all year from the Caribbean and Central America. Also known as yautia, cocoyam, tannia, tannier, and many more. From the same family as taro, trying to sort through the maze of names and varieties available is a study unto itself: so if you’re so inclined: go for it! Similar to a yam in appearance, it is a starchy vegetable that is a staple in diets across the globe, the tropics in particular. It is most often peeled, boiled and enjoyed as we do potatoes. Malanga has a woodsy taste with hints of black walnuts. It may also be deep fried like chips, or in fritters. Do not chill, and store covered in paper between 50-55 degrees F. Do not mist or top ice, and use within 7 days of arrival. Avoid product that is soft, cracked, or mentally unstable.