Available all year from Europe and the USA, it is also named the oyster plant, and is very similar in appearance and flavor to burdock/gobo. Supplies to become weaker during late spring and early summer, so bear this in mind. With an average of 5-6 pieces of salsify per pound, averaging in length from 9” to 12”, salsify blackens when peeled; so have a bowl of acidulated, cold water nearby to submerge peeled pieces in until ready to use. It has a most warm and soothing flavor profile, that includes: nuts, artichokes, and of course: oysters! Do not over cook as it will become mushy. Enjoy braised, stewed, boiled, or steamed: Excellent in cream-based sauces and soups. Best kept cold, between 32-34 degrees F, and wrapped in a plastic bag and away from odoriferous produce. You may, depending upon the time of year, see the salsify begin to sprout and produce shooters. This is wholly natural and unavoidable: Simply trim or break off these sprouts before preparing.