Generally available all year from the Caribbean, South and Central America and the USA. Also referred to as: Cassava, Manioc, Mandioca, and many more. The bitter variety is manioc and is best known for its use in the making of tapioca. the sweet variety, better known as Cassava, is the variety we stock and is widely used throughout the world as we Americans use potatoes. Averaging 1 or 2 pieces per pound, these log-like specimens average 6” to 15” in length, and 2” to 4” in diameter, and are waxed to preserve them for the trip to market. Although it doesn’t look like it, Yuca is rather perishable and should not be stored for over a week. Once the outer bark is removed, a linen-white pulp is revealed. It may be sliced and deep-fried into chips, cubed and used in soups and stews, ground and used as a natural thickener, fried like fritters, or baked, boiled, or broiled like potatoes. Keep cool 45-50 degrees F, and dry. Wrap in a paper bag tightly for best results. Avoid product that has soft spots or is so dry that it has cracked open.