Also known as the Yellow chanterelle and Pfifferling. A wild mushroom, with most product coming from the USA and Canada. We suggest brushing them off before preparation instead of washing them in water. Very popular for its warm color, delightful flavor and fruity fragrance, its flavor has been described as both peppery and rich. Excellent in risotto. Note that all wild mushrooms are subject to natural predators and inhabitants who also love them, and, will appear as time goes on, especially when held at temperatures above 34 degrees F. Therefore, we strongly suggest either preparing or freezing all wild mushrooms within 48 hours of receipt to avoid these natural occurrences. Overly wet product may be dry sautéed: heat an iron skillet on high, sprinkle lightly with salt, add mushrooms and roll around continuously until moisture evaporates. As with all wild mushrooms, cook thoroughly before consuming. Store mushrooms between 32-34 degrees F, in a well-ventilated box with a paper or cardboard cover, and keep dry. Mushrooms neither produce, nor are affected by ethylene gas. Store away from odoriferous foods.