A harbinger of spring, fiddleheads are young shoots of the ostrich fern, that should be consumed when young, and still coiled in the “fiddlehead” fashion. At the onset of spring we typically get product with a brownish / purple tinge to them, this is normal and just a characteristic of the variety out of the Pacific Northwest. As we get further into the season we transition to Eastern Fiddlehead which is more a solid green color. Approximately 80-85 pieces per pound, their flavor consists of grass, artichoke and asparagus, and is best enjoyed in a simple preparation, either: steamed, sautéed, or braised, then seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper to taste. There is some concern with regard to their having carcinogenic properties if not cooked thoroughly, or consumed in a mature state and so on. We suggest you investigate these finding and opinions on your own, as we do not suggest to be an authority on such matters. Best kept cold, between 32-34 degrees F, moist (not wet), in a ventilated plastic bag.