Some specimens may arrive halved to help determine the presence of natural predators (they love them, too) but is no refection upon their freshness or quality. Averaging between 3-4 pieces per pound. Prepare or freeze all wild mushrooms within 48 hours of receipt as natural predators both inside and out of the mushroom will proliferate in time, or when the mushrooms come to room temperature for any length of time. Cook all wild mushrooms thoroughly before consuming. We suggest slicing all specimens in half to first check for the presence of “critters” before consuming. Also known as King Bolete and Cepes, they are one of the most sought-after wild mushrooms, for their pleasingly nutty flavor and meaty texture. They absorb and work well with all sorts of flavors: meats, fish, vegetables and fresh herbs. Store mushrooms between 32-34 degrees F, in a well-ventilated box with a paper or cardboard cover, and keep dry. Mushrooms neither produce, nor are affected by ethylene gas. Store away from odoriferous foods.